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White and Black

White and black: opposites attract.
An eternal dance of light and shadow.

White is enticingly feminine.
Black is mysteriously masculine.

Geometric shapes are attenuated by a hint of sensuality.
Sleek, sophisticated lines mirror one another in an endless, ardent embrace.

Distinctive and passionate fragrances, they trigger feelings of profound love and intense romanticism.

They are a balance between the power and lightheartedness of love.

A man and woman search for love. Two kindred spirits, they pursue one another until they intertwine in the rich tapestry of love.

White and Black. Love and Passion.


The fragrance

  • Limone-italiano
    Italian Lemon

    Lemon gives a sparkling, sunny, zesty impact to a fragrance top.

  • Bergamotto2

    Bergamot lends a radiant, tangy citrus facet to the fragrance. It has an extremely rich, sweet and fruity initial odor, followed by a characteristic herbaceous and balsamic body and dry out, reminiscent of tobacco and clary sage.

  • Galbano

    Galbanum is powerful, green, woody; almost a balsamic resin. Its leafy, earthy, green note is often described as a similar to green peppers.

  • Noce-moscata

    Nutmeg has a sweet and spicy scent at the same time.

  • Salvia-sclarea
    Clary sage

    Clary Sage gives the perfume an amber, herbaceous, camphor, floral, musky aspect.

  • Geranio

    Geranium lends its pink and spicies masculine facets to the fragrance.

  • Violetta2
    Violet blossom

    The Violet blossom note is a sumptuous floralnote distinctive in perfumery, it evokes femininity but it is also used in men’s fragrance. This note brings floral sweetness in fragrances with a delicate powdery tinge and a slighty fruity glint.

  • Patchouli

    Patchouli has a woody scent, with a fresh earthy aspect.

  • Accordo-muschio
    Moss accord

    Oak Moss contains earthy and woody notes and brings depth and personality to the fragrance.

  • Accordo-pelle
    Leather accord

    Leather Accord is a combination of 3 raw materials: Birch Tar Oil that brings a refined animalic smell and a unique warmth, Styrax and Patchouli Essence. Leather Suede Accord lends a velvet intensity to the texture of the fragrance signature.


The new Trussardi Uomo fragrance expresses sophisticated elegance. The powerful top notes are an Italian blend of Lemon and Bergamot combined with Galbanum that leads to a heart of Violet and Geranium. Clary Sage adds a touch of sophistication that is enhanced by luxurious Leather and heady Patchouli. This superb accord adds personality and warmth to the scent. Raw materials of the highest quality (natural Orpur® ingredients) create a feeling of confidence. The fragrance is as exceptional as Trussardi. A virile, modern fragrance to be worn with style, Trussardi Uomo is the quintessence of suave masculinity.

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