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White and Black

White and black: opposites attract.
An eternal dance of light and shadow.

White is enticingly feminine.
Black is mysteriously masculine.

Geometric shapes are attenuated by a hint of sensuality.
Sleek, sophisticated lines mirror one another in an endless, ardent embrace.

Distinctive and passionate fragrances, they trigger feelings of profound love and intense romanticism.

They are a balance between the power and lightheartedness of love.

A man and woman search for love. Two kindred spirits, they pursue one another until they intertwine in the rich tapestry of love.

White and Black. Love and Passion.


The fragrance

  • Yuzu2

    Yuzu has a fresh delightful citrus aroma that resembles a combination of grapefruit and mandarin, with subtle overtones of bergamot and lime.

  • Cedro

    Cedrat has a citrus, fresh, intense and a little bit sparkling perfume.

  • Frutti-d-acqua
    Water fruits

    Water Fruits accord created by the perfumer, evoking fruits like melon and watermelon. It is a fruity note with watery and transparent aspects.

  • Fiori-d-arancio
    Orange blossom

    Orange Flowers have a warm, rich and powerful scent reminiscent of the fresh flower, with a jasmine indole connotation.

  • The-al-gelsomino
    Jasmine Tea

    Jasmine Tea is a floral jasmine note with orange blossom and slighlty green herbal aspects.

  • Ninfea

    Nymphea has a floral watery delicate note.

  • Patchouli-bianco
    White Patchouli

    White Patchouli has a brighter and softer aspect than the intense woody-earthy scent of traditional patchouli.

  • Legno-di-cedro2

    Cedarwood has a woody, balsamic and dry perfume.

  • Legno-di-sandalo

    Sandalwood perfume is woody, creamy, slightly balsamic.

  • Vaniglia

    Vanilla has a rich, sensual, sweet-gourmand, balsamic perfume, somewhat woody with a slight spicy connotation and a touch of tobacco.


The new Trussardi Donna fragrance expresses modern femininity full of charisma, aura, radiant beauty, sensuality, allure and luxury. Trussardi Donna embodies the purity and passion of white.

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