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The inspiration: a delicate rose

Femininity and vitality are the ingredients of Trussardi Delicate Rose, a subtle bouquet of emotions that evokes elegant, graceful femininity. Modern, sophisticated and sensual, this fragrance expresses intensely romantic sensations and is illuminated by subtle reflections of rosy light.


The fragrance

  • Yuzu

    Yuzu has a fresh delightful citrus aroma that resembles a combination of grapefruit and mandarin, with subtle overtones of bergamot and lime.

  • Bambu

    Bamboo accord evokes a fresh, transparent, green and vegetal scent.

  • Kumquat

    Originally placed in the genus Citrus, the Kumquat has been transferred to the genus Fortunella in 1915. Its perfume is citrus, bitter and slightly fruity.

  • Mela

    Apple has a juicy, crispy, fruity and acidulous scent.

  • Fior-di-loto
    Lotus flower

    The Lotus Flower accord has a transparent, watery, floral and fresh scent.

  • Rosa-centifolia
    Rosa Centifolia

    Rose Centifolia is obtained by an exclusive co-extraction process of natural and synthetic ingredients of which some are captives. Its perfume has a very natural, delicate and velvety floral rose note.

  • Gelsomino

    The Jasmin accord is created starting from the floral, powerful, fruity note of the flower enhancing its transparent and dewy aspect.

  • Legni-bianchi
    White woods

    White Woods accord is a special blend of molecules, giving a comforting, white, modern and feminine woody note.

  • Legno-di-cedro
    Cedar wood

    Cedar Wood has a woody, balsamic and dry perfume.

  • Sandalo

    Sandalwood perfume is woody, creamy, slightly balsamic.

  • Musk

    The Musky accord contained in this perfume is composed by different kinds of Musk, some belonging to a new generation of captive molecules, made by the most advanced research.


This fragrance instantly delights with its freshness. The vitality of Kumquat and the sparkling notes of Yuzu develop sheer nuances as they marry with the purity of Bamboo.

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