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The new fragrance for man

The new fragrance for man

The project

Expressing a sense of belonging and a bond with one’s roots, MY LAND takes us on a journey towards a land of sheer emotion with an endless horizon where science and poetry meld. Here the power and beauty of nature create striking spectacles. Blue is also the color of the sunset, light, and energy. It is a thrilling cerulean ray that conveys a sense of freedom. Blue becomes Trussardi BLUE LAND, a fresher yet always sensuous version of the men’s fragrance by Trussardi.


The fragrance

  • Arancia-amara
    Bitter orange

    An immediate acidulous note, with green and quite bitter facets. This balanced orange note brings sparklingness to the fragrance.

  • Mela-verde
    Green apple

    Green Apple adds a refreshing and light sweetness to the fragrance.

  • Lavanda-2

    Lavender essence is soft and flowery, slightly fruity, and has the roundness of a sweet balsamic note. Lavender oil is has this little extra which gives it a feminine aspect, when the lavandin oil is more masculine, direct and incisive.

  • Brezza-marina
    Marine breeze

    Its fragrance evokes the lively freshness of sea spray. This accord brings a sensation of ocean, freshness and even cleanliness; marine sensations overwhelming the senses.

  • Zenzero

    Typical aromatic ginger smell, warm, zesty, fresh with a spicy and woody background.

  • Cashmeran-2

    Cashmeran is a woody note. Enhanced with fruity and musky touch, it develops a voluptuous harmony both balsamic and warm and brings to the fragrance compositiona soft and sensual trail. In masculine fragrances, Cashmeran adds a woody spiciness. In feminine fragrances it reveals a fruity, gourmand overtone.

  • Vetiver-3

    Vetiver releases a scent that is fresh and woody yet luminous and acidulate too.

  • Cuoio

    This accord brings a leathery touch to the fragrance, nearly spicy, but supple, velvety and gracious. The animalic leather note is balanced by the softness and mellowness of the earthy facets.

  • Muschio-di-roccia
    Stone moss

    Mineral and crisp note. The vegetal earthy notes of tree moss are been worked to give to the fragrance a cold and textured impression of touching a forest rock.


The heart of this fascinating, alluring fragrance is both warm and cool: vibrating with energy, it takes you on a journey towards pure emotion…and the endless horizon of Trussardi BLUE LAND.

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