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The project

Trussardi Uomo becomes Black Extreme. Masculine, mysterious and absolute black. Trussardi Black Extreme is a new fragrance for the successful modern man seeking strong sensations. Tradition and affinities are evoked through timeless elegant design that is an expression of the brand and Italian excellence. A tribute to the past with an eye on the future, it is the perfect balance of modernity and tradition.


The fragrance

  • Limone-italiano-2
    Italian Lemon

    Lemon gives a sparkling, sunny, zesty impact to a fragrance top.

  • Accordo-marino
    Marine Accord

    Calone brings a sensation of ocean, freshness and even cleanliness. Its fragrance evokes the lively freshness of sea spray. In touch, it brings a vegetal fresh note, slightly aqueous. Overdosed, it brings a marine sensation to perfumes.

  • Galbano-2

    Galbanum is powerful, green, woody; almost a balsamic resin. Its leafy, earthy, green note is often described as a similar to green peppers.

  • Cipresso

    Cypress essence is characterized by a woody green and slightly aromatic note.

  • Iris

    Orris lends a tender, powdery facet to the fragrance; a sophisticated feminine signature.

  • Prugna

    Its opulent sensual, fruity nuance provides a distinctive sweet, juicy and mouth-watering luscious feel from the top note to the dry-down of the fragrance.

  • Violetta-2

    The Violet leaves note is a sumptuous floralnote distinctive in perfumery, it evokes femininity but it is also used in men’s fragrance. This note brings floral sweetness in fragrances with a delicate powdery tinge and a slighty fruity glint.

  • Patchouli-2

    Patchouli has a woody scent, with a fresh earthy aspect.

  • Vetiver-2

    Vetiver releases a scent that is fresh and woody yet luminous and acidulate too.

  • Accordo-pelle-2
    Leather Suede Accord

    Leather Accord is a combination of 3 raw materials: Birch Tar Oil that brings a refined animalic smell and a unique warmth, Styrax and Patchouli Essence. Leather Suede Accord lends a velvet intensity to the texture of the fragrance signature.


All the core values of the Trussardi brand are found within this fragrance. Strong and distinct, it entices and conquers as a new olfactory weapon of seduction. Its extreme overture defies classic concepts and makes a bold, contemporary statement.

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